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Howduino Liverpool (A fun filled day of hacking)


Saturday found us in Liverpool hanging out with 30+ (venue limitation) artists, programmers, makers, students, and generally cool people. We were all gathered for the first Howduino event (a day devoted to enlarging the "Internet of Things", and co-opted by makers at large).

The Fun Stuff

Many people brought projects to work on. Some of the neat offerings:

  • A dial bearing plushie panda with glowing eyes (here)
  • An army of brushbots spent the day being artistic (here)
  • A drawbot was made from scratch (here)
  • Our personal favourite which sadly seems to have gone un-photographed, A remote control car twitter race that produced real world representation of search term popularity.
  • Tide monitoring dials.
  • RC Cars being chased by blow dryer's
  • Programmable wavy floors.
  • Fero-fluid tables.
  • Along with many others.

Beyond the projects started worked on or completed the venue was filled with a great buzz with people chatting learning and occasionally soldering. This took the form of RC cars being disembowelled and reprogrammed, chips being tossed around as if they were candy, and grand schemes being hatched (of which the Leeds-Liverpool hacking challenge was one) 

We had a great time and the conclusion was reached that the world needs more Howduino, so if you'd like to have a day in your area talk to the organizer (@amcewen), rumour has it he is eager to organize more and is seeking venues.

( photo via nikki_pugh on Flickr