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April 26, 2009

Breadboard Based Arduino Compatible (BBAC) Micro-Controller

While work continues full steam ahead at .:oomlout:. HQ last week we reached a point where all of our pre-existing projects were on hold. We were either waiting on packages to arrive or searching for the much more elusive delivery of inspiration. To deal with this we, of course, started a new project.

What is it?

Its a Breadboard Based Arduino Compatible (BBAC). Using a breadboard, layout sheet and pile of components you can have yourself a fun time putting it together (as simple as popping in each component), and when your finished have a completely functional Arduino Compatible board for experimenting with. (a photo with all the parts explained )


It may have come about as a tool of procrastination, but now finished it has loads of great uses (here are some we thought up). 

  • The simple layout makes understanding (or explaining) how a micro-controller works easy.
  • Comes with loads of wire and a breadboard so you can start experimenting without the need for purchasing additional components.
  • Great for educational settings. (inexpensive enough that you can send everyone home with one at the end).
  • No need to solder (soldering is good fun but does present a slight barrier).
  • Great for permanent installations (prototype on a USB board then throw one of these into the final version)


At the moment we're still in the process of setting up our UK operations so sadly we can't sell you a lovely kit, just yet. But it uses components many will already have on hand, so grab the layout sheet ( here ), and component list ( here ), and find a breadboard and throw it all together on. (you can borrow the ATMega168 chip from your USB-Arduino board).

Future Availability:

If you haven't heard yet we're setting up a web shoppe so soon you'll be able to purchase a lovely kit from us. If you can't wait it is open source (CC BY-SA) so please feel free to produce your own, or drop us a line, we'll help you out.

A Few Extra Pictures:




April 13, 2009

.:oomlout:. is on the Move


Things have been crazy around oomlout HQ recently as we've been scrambling to finish off projects, pack boxes and just tie up any and all loose ends. The reason? We're moving our main base of operations to the UK.

What This Means in the Short Term

  • We have to shut our store temporarily - all of you with just placed orders don't worry, they are being shipped as I type. To all of our wonderful customers thus far no need to worry we'll still be able to offer support via help@oomlout.com.
  • Development will be temporarily slowed - we apologize to everyone eagerly awaiting our ARDX and other great (yet to be announced) products, but as we move into our new location development will be slowing, please bear with us everything will be well worth the wait, we promise. 

What This Means in the Longer Term

  • We'll have a UK/EU base of operations - We're excited by the prospects of this, and have plans to expand our product line and potentially bring in other products in a larger web store. So if you're in the UK or EU and are a Maker or Open Source Hardware fan drop us a line about what you would like to see and we'll look into stocking it. ( info@oomlout.com )
We're looking forward to the move and getting up to speed in the UK.