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oomlout Has Friends


We've been working with another local design shoppe recently and are excited to say we'll be bringing a few of their lovely items to show off at Maker Faire UK. Accumulus Designs has been operating off internet (they call it the real world we think they're terribly mistaken on that front) and have recently decided to take their goal of conquering the world via open source crochet digital.

As such Otis's best friend Christopher (pictured above, video'd below) will be joining the oomlout entourage on our trek to Newcastle. He's very much in his infancy at the moment but I've been told his type develop sensors and great personalities as they evolve.

Come visit a juvenile Chistopher at out table at Maker Faire UK (we'll be in the marquee)

As excited about what Accumulus Designs has in store as we are? Check them out on flickr

(christopher in action)