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Arduino Controlled Servo Robot (SERB) Around the Web


While we toil away on new products its easy to forget about those we are already producing. This consists most notably of our pride and joy (and Otis's family) the Arduino Controlled Servo Robot (SERB). Making and selling them is loads of fun (and helps finance our continued development), but what gets us really excited is when we see others, taking the designs and not just reproducing them but adding their own improvements and style. Here are a few SERB inspired items we've found around the internet. (drop us an e-mail if you're building your own SERB (or SERB inspired item), or using a purchased SERB in a fun way info@oomlout.com)



 This is Stuart's favourite, the plans were modified to give the robot a lovely rabbit'esque persona. It was produced to act as the moving portion of a collaborative board game as part of a year end design project. (more details can be found ( here ))

Mike's SERB


Mike has a special place in the heart of all the oomlout'ers as he was the first to contact us with plans to build the SERB.

Micheal Beck's SERB


Michael Made his using some extra acrylic he had on hand. The yellow and red combination giving it a fun look.

Obscure SERB Siteing


Here is an obscure photo (and one that shows we spend too much time floating around the internet). Here is a SERB  being constructed at the Make Magazine table at First NYC. 

(shameless plug)

Like the SERB? Sadly we are sold out of them at oomlout, however you can pick one up at The Maker Shed. (special thanks to the Maker Shed for stocking our SERB it is helping to finance the next round of Open Source hardware goodness)